Self Direction Transition Program

This program is specifically designed to address the gaps in skill development and the need for continued programming once a student ages out of their Education Program.

Teachers and young adults in a classroom.

Even with the most robust education, a student can graduate with deficits in areas that will significantly impede their ability to live as independently as possible, access employment opportunities, and integrate successfully into their community. Without additional instruction as well as opportunities to apply and generalize newly acquired knowledge and skills in areas of need, these gaps can remain and have the potential to significantly limit the future growth and development of an individual on the spectrum.

The goal of this program is to prepare enrollees for a more inclusive, independent, and successful adult life. The program utilizes NSSA’s Lifelong Learning Curriculum. Over a two-year period, the curriculum focuses on Career Development, Money Management, Nutrition, Shopping and Purchasing, Cooking, Health and Wellness, Safety, Transportation, Relationships, Conflict Resolution, Leisure and Exercise, Technology, Independent Living, and participation in the community. Through structured, small group instruction, attention is focused on skill acquisition and personal development with ongoing assessment of mastery and continued need.