Those We Love Don’t Go Away, They Walk Beside Us Every Day

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This past week we celebrated the life of our co-worker and dear friend, Gina Doria Pisaeno. In her 22 years with NSSA, Gina dedicated much of her time to our students and clients. She loved learning about their lives and they loved spending time with her. No matter what, she was always available to them and showed great compassion and concern for their welfare.

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This summer we installed a gazebo in our backyard which will be a nice spot for children and clients to get some shade on hot days while out on the playground. Blue hydrangeas were Gina’s favorite flower so we planted them around the base and dedicated the garden and gazebo to Gina’s memory. On July 25 we held a dedication ceremony and invited her and her husband’s family, past and present staff members and the individuals and families served by NSSA to join us. We had a full house of almost 100 people!

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It was a lovely cool evening for guests to socialize and share fond memories of Gina. Memory books filled with pictures and sentiments from people who had known Gina were presented to her father and her husband. Refreshments were served, children played on the playground, and in all, it was a lovely celebration of her life. The gazebo and garden are each a beautiful reminder of our beloved friend and will bring joy to the students and clients of NSSA, just as Gina always did.

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We know that we will get much enjoyment from the gazebo and garden…and they will help keep Gina in our hearts forever.