Smithtown High School East Rolls Out the Red Carpet to NSSA

On January 11th, the Smithtown High School East Leadership Club hosted an evening of dancing, food and fun at their Red Carpet themed winter dance for NSSA adult participants, consultation students and Barell students over the age of 14. This is a unique opportunity for our students to participate in a typical school dance experience. They are able to interact with and learn from the students of Smithtown as well as have fun and create friendships.

Attendees arrived by walking up a red carpet and into a gym filled with high school students dressed up and ready to dance with them.

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It’s so great to see our students and clients having a great time with their peers and the Smithtown High School students.

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The students served their guests a pizza dinner with dessert that was enjoyed by all.

Many thanks to Stacey Agosta for helping to coordinate the event, NSSA teachers and direct support professionals for accompanying their students and adult participants and Smithtown High School East for their graciousness and hospitality in hosting for us once again.