Self Direction Transition Program

At NSSA we believe that individuals with autism/IDD, as well as their family members, deserve access to resources that will help them maximize their full potential.  NSSA is dedicated to developing and providing those resources so that individuals with autism/IDD will lead lives filled with promise, dignity, and purpose and their families will have hope and peace of mind.  In keeping true to this philosophy, NSSA has created the Self-Direction Transition Program.  The goals of this program are to increase the participant’s level of independence, their community and family participation, their employability and overall quality of life.

NSSA has maintained an outstanding reputation as a leader in supports and services for the autism/IDD community.  Our extensive clinical expertise enables us to provide a wide range of high quality and essential programs and services.

NSSA’s Self-Direction Transition Program will:

  • Provide an opportunity to learn critically important life skills with a focus on Career Development, Communication Skills, Money Management, Nutrition, Purchasing and Shopping, Cooking, Health and Wellness, Safety, Transportation, Relationships, Conflict Resolution, Leisure, Technology, Living on your Own, Exercise, and Community Participation.
  • Utilize NSSA’s comprehensive Life Long Learning curriculum and course structure
  • Provide structured small group learning environments with attention and focus on skill acquisition and personal development.
  • Utilize the principles of reinforcement and positive behavior support in order to increase participant’s skill repertoire, social awareness, self-awareness, confidence and overall quality of life.

Additional Program Features:

  • Two year program enrollment
  • Weekly classes (46 weeks) that run 2 days per week for 2 hours each session
  • Small group cohorts
  • Monthly tuition of $800 per month funded through Self-Direction under the IDGS transition program line in the participant’s budget
  • The director of this program, Jason Watson, is a BCaBA, CBAA-NY who has been working with individuals with autism and their families for over 20 years in a variety of capacities. His primary passion and expertise is working with adults and transitioning young adults in order to prepare them and their families for the next chapter of life after 21.

For additional information contact:

Danielle Wellington or (631) 462-0386 ext 216

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