Running for Autism Awareness: NSSA’s 12th Annual Jack’s Run

In spite of threatening skies, Mother Nature graciously held the rain off til just after the last award was handed out, and NSSA’s 12th Annual Jack’s Run for Autism Awareness went off without a hitch.

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Over 150 runners came out to run and support NSSA.

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Staff, families and even clients participated in the run…

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As well as behind the scenes…

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Jack himself had a great time running!

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There were enthusiastic runners of all ages.

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Congratulations to Overall Winner: 12-year-old Alex Addison and and Top Overall Female: 13-year-old Ishil Kirkhan
JR 2018 1 blogsizedThis gentleman has run Jack’s Run every one of its 12 years – thanks for your support!

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We are grateful to the Miranda and Slone families for starting Jack’s Run 12 years ago in support of their nephew and NSSA.

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We are so appreciative of everyone who helped make this event a success: runners, volunteers, donors, staff and sponsors.

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Thanks to everyone who participated – we look forward to seeing you at future events!