NSSA’s Green Team Celebrates #AmericaRecyclesDay!

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Launched in 2010 with a grant from Autism Speaks, the NSSA Green Team helps individuals with autism learn new skills and prepare them for the workforce while simultaneously serving the community in a meaningful way by promoting environmental sustainability.

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Every week, the Green Team collects refundable and nonrefundable plastic, aluminum and glass containers, as well as paper from local businesses and residences. Paper is shredded and other materials are cleaned and sorted to prepare for recycling. Nonrefundable containers, cardboard and shredded paper are delivered to local recycling centers. Refundable materials are exchanged at local grocery stores and money is reinvested in the program.

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November 15, 2018 is #AmericaRecyclesDay. In support of the day, The Green Team kicked off a recycling drive with families of NSSA students and clients. To date, the NSSA Green Team has recycled over 1,000 pounds of shredded paper and cardboard, keeping it out of landfills. They have earned over $500 in the past few years by returning bottles and cans for deposit.

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The Green Team partners with several Long Island companies and agencies, such as Geico, Suffolk Y-JCC and Elija Farm, in making recycling pick-ups and drop-offs. They continue to seek community partners that will allow us to place recycling containers at their locations. Containers will be maintained and emptied by Green Team participants on a weekly basis. For more information about partnering with The Green Team, contact Mark Kennedy, Participant Enrichment Program Lead, at (631) 462-0386 or mkennedy@nssa.net

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For more information about recycling, visit https://americarecyclesday.org/

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We’re so proud of NSSA’s Green Team and the difference they’re making in the world.