NSSA Week in Review: July 23-27

Welcome back to another week at NSSA. We’re in the middle of our summer session and the days are hot and steamy but we’re making the best of it!

Running for the sheer joy of just being outside.

almonte martin 7.24.18 blogsized

Jumping for joy!

tm trampoline 7.26.18 blogsized

Classroom Three went to their jobsite at Outback and made the place sparkle in record time! See more on this in an upcoming blog.

classrom 3 7.25.18 blogsized

Someone’s excited to go make chocolates!

classroom 1 making chocolates 7.25.18 blogsized

Classroom One hard at work making treats.

classroom 1 making chocolates 7.25.18 2 blogsized

Adult clients doing office work at Winters Bros.

adults working winters bros 7.26.18 blogsized

Classroom 1 went on their 1st Annual Pancake Breakfast at IHOP.

pancake breakfast 1 blogsized

pancake breakfast blogsized

Plenty of smiles at Running Club!

running club 7.27.18 1 blogsized

running club 7.27.18 2 blogsized

running club 7.27.18 7 blogsized

running club 7.27.18 6 blogsized

Some adult clients went to South Bay Arts for drumming and karaoke.

drumming 1

drumming 2

And everyone’s always happy for a visit from Mister Softee!

mr softee 7.27.18 5 blogsized

mr softee 7.27.18 1 blogsized

mr softee 7.27.18 4 blogsized

mr softee 7.27.18 3 blogsized

Happy Friday, everyone – see you next week!