NSSA Lights It Up Blue for World Autism Awareness Day

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World Autism Awareness Day takes place internationally on April 2 each year. It is a time to increase understanding and acceptance of the 1 in 59 individuals who live with a diagnosis of autism. We encourage everyone to light it up blue and help to highlight the potential of those with autism, elevate their voices and spread the message of awareness, understanding and acceptance.

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This year, we decided to get a little creative with our pledge to wear blue for autism awareness. We tie-dyed t-shirts with our students and adult participants and they came out great!

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Everyone did a fantastic job waiting for their turn to tie-dye a shirt. Students and clients had the opportunity to participate in a recreational activity while practicing skills such as following directions and identifying colors.

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To try and minimize the messiness that comes with tie-dying, each student wore a pair of gloves. For some, tolerating gloves and rolled up sleeves required some encouragement to endure. We were proud to see our students and participants work through the challenge to finish their gorgeous t-shirts!

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The project resulted in a sea of beautiful blue tie-dye.

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Our staff, students and adult participants look wonderful in the shirts they created. However you choose to light it up blue this year, we thank you for your support!