NSSA Camp 2018

NSSA provides a week-long summer respite Camp Program each year for individuals with autism between the ages of five and twenty-one. The Camp Program provides much-needed structure and recreation for over 30 individuals with autism spectrum disorders during a week in June or August when education programs are closed on Long Island and families struggle to keep their loved ones with autism actively engaged in purposeful activities. In addition to developing sports and leisure skills, the camp benefits children with autism by giving them opportunities for social and community integration.

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Campers are kept busy with activities such as swimming under the supervision of a certified lifeguard, arts and crafts, movies, smart-board activities, bouncy houses and water slides, drum class, bowling and field trips to play centers. A special treat is a visit from the Mister Softee ice cream truck.

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It’s such fun each year to see a new batch of campers arrive and get in the swing of things here at NSSA but before we know it the week is over. Thanks to Stacey Agosta for running another successful week of camp…and special thanks to the hard-working camp staff who kept campers safe, occupied and happy!

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See ya next year at Camp NSSA!