Our Management Team

Nicole Weidenbaum, M.S. Ed., SAS, Executive Director

Nicole Weidenbaum began working as a certified teacher at NSSA in 1997.  While teaching at the Martin C. Barell school she attended Columbia University’s Teachers College where she studied applied behavior analysis and received her certification in School Administration and Supervision. Ms. Weidenbaum has presented at and participated in local and national conferences on a variety of topics addressing effective education and support for individuals with developmental disabilities. She volunteers her time to many autism agencies and government committees and has received numerous citations and awards for her work.  Ms. Weidenbaum has been the Executive Director of NSSA since 2003.  Under her leadership, NSSA continues to grow and develop programs and create new opportunities for individuals across the autism spectrum. 

Kathy Mannion, Associate Executive Director

Kathy Mannion is the parent of four children, two of whom have autism. Before assuming her position as Associate Executive Director of NSSA, she served as the President of NSSA’s Board of Directors from 2001 through 2003 and as a member of the Board of Directors since 1997. In addition to her association with NSSA, she has worked in a variety of capacities within the autism community. Her past positions include the Executive Director and a founding Board member of the Association for Science in Autism Treatment (ASAT) and the Development Coordinator for the Connecticut Center for Child Development. Over the past 25 years she has been an avid advocate for individuals with autism and has presented nationally on such topics as the need for science-based intervention, early and accurate diagnosis, pediatrician education, and parent/professional partnerships.

Bonnie Eisert, M.S., Associate Executive Director, Consultation Services

Bonnie Eisert has a B.A. in speech language pathology from St. John’s University and an M.S. in speech language pathology from the University of South Florida. She has permanent New York State certification in teacher of speech and hearing handicapped K-12. Prior to her current position, Ms. Eisert worked within the Half Hollow Hills Central School District and the Garden City School District supporting the needs of children with autism. Since 2007 she has overseen NSSA’s Consultation Services Program and continues to provide training and education to professionals and families involved with individuals on the Autism Spectrum.

Michelle Banville, M.S., Ed., BCBA, LBA, Director of Adult Day Services

Ms. Banville received her Master’s Degree in School Psychology from Brooklyn College and has been a Board Certified Behavior Analyst since 2000. She has specialized in the education of children with autism since 1991, in both private and public school settings, as well as residential and adult programs. Ms. Banville began her tenure as a teacher at NSSA; and later served as a behavior analyst in the education program. She is currently the Director of NSSA’s Adult Services Program. Ms. Banville has presented at both local and national conferences on behavior management, effective intervention, and successful inclusion of students with autism spectrum disorders.

Jayne Eaton-Bove, M.S. School Psychology, Director of Clinical Services

Jayne Eaton-Bove began her career as a Respite Provider at NSSA. Later, with the opening of NSSA’s Martin C. Barell School, she worked as an instructor and case manager for its students until 1999. She left NSSA to complete her Master’s Degree in School Psychology at St. John’s University and went on to work as a School Psychologist. She later returned to NSSA in the role of Director of Clinical Services. Ms. Eaton-Bove has presented at both local and national conferences on behavior management, effective intervention, and successful inclusion of students with autism spectrum disorders. She also conducts NSSA’s Parent Workshops on an on-going basis.

Deborah Kennedy, M.S. Special Education, BCBA, SBL, LBA, Principal, Martin C. Barell School

Deborah Kennedy received both her Master’s Degree in Special Education and her Specialist Diploma in Educational Leadership from Queens College. She started her career at NSSA as a teacher in 2000 and became Principal of the Martin C. Barell School in 2011. She is also a Board Certified and Licensed Behavior Analyst. In addition to her responsibilities as Principal, Ms. Kennedy provides on-going supervision and support to NSSA’s Registered Behavior Technicians as well as the required supervision for staff preparing to sit for the BCBA exam.

Jason Watson, BCaBA, CBAA, Director, Self Direction Transition Program and Transition Consultant

Jason Watson has been working with children and adults with autism since his graduation from Quinnipiac College where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. He began his employment at NSSA’s Martin C. Barell School as an instructor. Since then he has served in multiple positions, including Coordinator of Adult, Vocational, and Family Support Services and Director of OPWDD Services until assuming his current role. Jason is a participant in the Long Island Task Force for Aging Out and the LI Quality Assurance Task Force, as well as being a member of the Long Island Informed Consent Committee. He has presented at autism conferences on issues related to transition, vocational skill development, adult services program development, and community integration for students and adults with autism.