Annual Appeal 2023

Dear Friends of NSSA,

The holidays are a special time for families. Social gatherings, special meals, hectic schedules, and lots of picture taking, all contribute to the holiday merriment and chaos. For families touched by autism, getting through the holidays can be quite challenging. Anxiety, stress, and exhaustion are commonplace, and often unrelenting.

Throughout the year there are very long days filled with difficult and emotional work. Parents stay up all night with their children who are in pain and can’t tell them why as they struggle to provide a ‘normal’ childhood for siblings. They work tirelessly to educate professionals such as doctors, because they themselves have had to become the experts on autism. They struggle to find ways to explain their child’s behavior in the community and keep them safe. This time of year they have to do all of this with a forced smile at holiday parties so that others don’t worry. These are just a few examples of the many challenges these families might face daily. There are beautiful successes along the way but never an end in sight to the care, worry, and constant supervision that can be part of having a child with autism.

At NSSA we pride ourselves on working with the whole family to turn those forced holiday smiles into true celebrations of success. Due to woefully inadequate funding from government sources, the burden of raising much needed funds for our agency often falls to the amazing families we get to serve. They sell raffle tickets, journal ads, and sponsorships for our fundraising events in addition to soliciting prizes and encouraging friends and family members to attend year after year. All of this takes its toll on a family, but your generous support can help to ease their burden by taking some of the pressure off of families who are already overburdened. Please consider making a donation in honor of them, so that we can continue to provide the support they so desperately need.

Warm Wishes,

Nicole Weidenbaum

Executive Director