Adult Services

In 2004, when the first student attending NSSA’s Martin C. Barell School reached the age of twenty-one and could no longer be served in the Education Program, NSSA launched an Adult Services Program to serve the needs of this student and others like him who had aged out of their education programs. 

students in Adult services working in various tasks including gardening

Learning doesn’t stop at the age of 21 for any adult and NSSA’s Adult Services Program is designed to foster the continuation of learning new skills as well as the generalization of skills into the home and community.  Like its education program, the Adult Services Program is based on the science of Applied Behavior Analysis. 

Through this program, NSSA is helping to foster the skills that develop greater independence for our adult participants throughout their lives. Whether through in-house or community based job sampling and/or job training opportunities, NSSA works to ensure that the adults we serve are able to grow and develop to their maximum potential. The intricacies of appropriate behavior in the community are also addressed throughout the Program.

NSSA is committed to providing high quality lifelong support. Through the Adult Services Program, NSSA is living up to that commitment.